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Outdoor lighting and security

Outdoor lighting is different from indoor lighting, outdoor lighting during the day is mainly daylight and sky lighting. Night outdoor lighting design includes the following things - the electro-optical lighting can not illuminate the sky as day; therefore, the background is always dark night, lighting objects and the background of the greater contrast between. There is no light source that is stronger than the sun, so if you want to illuminate the area, you must have a large number of smaller light sources. Eyes are different in low level lighting and high light conditions.

People's emotions are different at night. Lighting can affect people's emotions, not only when they are watching the scenery, sports and outdoor entertainment. Outdoor lighting can be seen from a distance, and the night is not good lighting is distracting and annoying. Night sports or driving lighting to have special lighting in order to ensure personal safety.

We know that the landscape art lamp is an indispensable part of the modern landscape lamp. It not only has a high ornamental, but also emphasizes the harmony and unity of the landscape and scenic spots of the art and history, culture, the surrounding environment.

While many domestic residential outdoor lights use (as tree lights, floor lamp and so on) are high pressure lamp 220V, in case of leakage or damage, it is easy to hurt people, and is abroad in this regard has been thoughtful, landscape lamp mostly through the transformer step-down, make its control within the human body safety voltage in order to ensure the safety.

In addition, some outdoor garden lights appropriate use of glass products, some people think that one of the factors of instability in the outdoor lamp glass is also safe, but experts believe that good quality glass (especially special glass) even harm effect on human broken is very small, if the developer can focus on the use of building materials, willing to cost using good materials, it can greatly improve the safety factor.

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