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A light shares to become the Huadu District of Guangzhou city's first implementation of enterprise

Recently, a Guangzhou light Limited by Share Ltd as the first brand enterprises in Huadu District of Guangzhou city in September 29th, Huadu District Branch letter bureau deputy director Li Zhimin, chief Yuan Zhiming, mark assisted group visit Dadson light shares held "intellectual property standards to start the meeting", and guide the work of intellectual property standards.

At present, a light shares only was applied in 2015 46 utility model patents, 5 invention patents, 13 patents, copyright 2, a total of 13 can be expected by the end of more than and 90 to apply for invention, utility model patents, copyright 5, the total number of patents to achieve within a year for more than ever the total number of the initial completion of the layout of the core technology patent protection, is the number of stage lighting factory in the fastest growing enterprises.

The qualification to start the meeting in addition to Huadu District Branch letter bureau leaders such as a pedestrian, attended the meeting and a light company chairman and general manager Xu Faqing, technology center, human resources department, marketing center, lighting division and other departments responsible person.

First of all, a lighting company chairman and general manager Xu Faqing made a keynote speech on the standard to start the general assembly, he said the promotion of enterprise intellectual property management standards to carry out the work of great significance, I hope all the lights in the area of family shares a branch letter Bureau under the guidance and support, and actively promote the enterprise intellectual property management standards implementation all the lights should work together to promote family shares a new journey of intellectual property work standardization, a standardized and institutionalized. At the same time, it is pointed out that the work of intellectual property rights is the guarantee for the realization of the vision of Dassen lighting shares, and is a powerful guarantee for the development of enterprises. I hope a light shares will be the work of intellectual property rights "Guanbiao" throughout the company operating the whole process and elements, and do all members of the family to participate, "Guanbiao" to improve the enterprise management level of intellectual property, the innovation of intellectual property management and enterprise integration, provide a strong support for the innovation and development of enterprises. A light and commitment to intellectual property, shares in the future three years the number of patent applications every year doubled to become the lighting industry of intellectual property rights in the large.

Start the meeting, deputy director of Huadu Branch letter Bureau Li Zhimin said the highly recognized and encouraged Dassen to share in light of intellectual property in recent years of progress, the implementation of start conference, also marks the Dassen light shares will become the Huadu District to promote the first implementation of standards, the district government will in all aspects of Dassen light shares certain incentives

To comprehensively promote the standardization work, a light shares established a standard of leading groups and working groups, and the appointment of director of Research Center for intellectual property management companies - Potter's representative, responsible for the continuing and improve the intellectual property management system.

Dason intellectual property management representative to participants repeatedly stressed the importance of intellectual property rights standards: the standards will help enterprises improve for IPR creation, application and protection level, enhance independent innovation capability and core competitiveness of the company. The enterprise should unify thinking, fully support the standard.

Start the meeting, three auxiliary team conducted a "standard" enterprise intellectual property management seminar participants. Intellectual property management enterprises on the diagnosis to mark, mark, mark, why how to implementing the standards process, need to pay attention to the problem, and the following work was probably introduced.


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